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Our Philosophy is “Ubuntu” – An idea present in African spirituality that says "you are because I am "Vice versa", or we are all connected, we cannot be ourselves without community.

 "You’re not fully human unless you interact with other humans through sharing, love, a sense of belonging, respect, caring etc".-Ubuntu


Figure-ring / New Voices

Work in Progress (premiere Sep.2020)
co-produced by
Simba Arts
Afro Arts Festival i Bergen
Carte Blanche
BIT Teatergarasjen
Fana kulturhus


Figure-ring / New Voices

Figure-ring / New Voices is an innovative debut work Figure-ring the state of dance, the role of Bergen based performing artists with immigrant backround. Their  purpose and discovering the thing we were created to do - the gift, talent, and love that we’ve been given to carry and give away.

“Yesterday I had an equal voice, today I am lost. Maybe I was blinded by the neon sign of opportunity, failed to read the fine print that read: “assimilate or go back where you came from”.

“It’s an emptying feeling, to become foreign to a voice that was yours to begin with”. I am beginning to forget the taste of my own colorful voice and the language has become just a memory. - Simba


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