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Simba Arts

Strength and oneness in numbers

“Simba Arts is about Ubuntu Kalcha + unity in diversity and inclusion.I strongly believe that Dance & Rhythm can break many barriers in society”. - Simba

SiMbA aRts is a non profit umbrella organization , connecting communities and Building bridges through dance, art and cultural understanding, consisting of several branches/projects in Norway & Zimbabwe.

The concept of SiMbA aRts was coined in 1997 by the brothers; Simbarashe Norman Fulukia & Tendai Zuze Fulukia. In Zimbabwe we exist as a Culture school (Simba Arts Trust/ Kalchaskul). In Norway the name is just Simba Arts.

SiMbA aRts provides innovative opportunities , empowers young people, create jobs out of dance, art and ultimately ensure that dance, art contributes to Community development. 

Its name, Simba, is a Shona word from a vernacular language of the Bantu people of Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa, which translates as strength. The organisation draws from its name, its ethos and values of strength and oneness in numbers. 

Our method of teaching is called ‘chiNyaKare’. In Shona language this means an indigenous ancestoral way of distributing knowledge and information, sometimes orally. Knowledge is shared between people of all abilities. We believe that the master and the beginner have something to learn from each other.

These are our several branches & projects;

  1. Simba Arts Trust 

  2. BAAF - Afro Arts Festivalen i Bergen 

  3. Nordic Afro Arts Network (NAAnet)

  4. Simba Holiday (Tourisim & Culture Exchange)

  5. Afrikanere i vestlandet (aiv)

  6. Unlimited Rhythms  (Coming soon).

  7. Vestland Danseteater (Coming)

OUR projects are occational financed by:

Bergen kommune 

Norsk kulturrådet

Sparebanken Vest

Fond for Utøvende Kunstnere

Hordaland fylkeskommune



UD reisestøtte – scenekunst 

Supported by: Cafe Sanaa, Batteriet Vest, Carte Blanche, Fana kulturhus, Ny-kroghborg kultursenter, Naomi Restaurant, Bergen kulturskule, Simba Arts Trust, Nordic Afro Arts Network, IN2IT International Dance Festival.

PB 89, 5803 Sentrum
Bergen, Norway

Email: simbaarts@gmail.com

Org no. 812411152  

Account no. 3633 38 15332

+47 968 26 995 


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