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About Us

We are two Brothers namely; Tendai Zuze Fulukia (aka Apostel) & Simbarashe Norman Fulukia (aka Simba).We were born and raised in the dusty streets of Mbare Township to retired City of Harare Clerck - Pertos Kapanga Fulukia and the late House wife & apostle; Letwin Chimutashu of Karoi District, Mashonaland West Province in Zimbabwe.

Our  passion to provide opportunities , empower young people, create jobs out of dance, art and ultimately ensure that dance, art contributes to Community development began in our teen age.In the year 1997 we established an organisation operating underground and we have never looked back ever since. Our organisation went through name Evolution before we became SiMbA aRts.

SiMbA aRts iSimba Arts is an organisation whose principal business is to foster Ubuntu/social cohesion through multi-cultural performing arts. The specific areas of the organisation’s interest are teaching music and dance, performing and hosting Afro Arts Festival in Bergen. Simba Arts is Bergen’s leading organisation in the promotion of different African cultures in forms of Music, Art, Storytelling, dance and Workshops. Simba Arts is also renowned for putting together breath-taking concerts, festival and multi-cultural parties.

Its name "Simba", is a Shona word from a vernacular language of the Bantu people of Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa, which translates as strength. The organisation draws from its name, its ethos and values of strength and oneness in numbers. 

Since 1997 til present Simba Arts prides its self to have provided 1500+ opportunities , empowered young people, created jobs out of dance, music, art and ultimately ensure that dance, art contributes to Community development.


With the aid and your generous support it will be a great blessing to be able to spread Ubuntu and our culture to our people as well as the entire world. As Simba Arts will also be able to continue with promoting upcoming artists in the same spirit of Ubuntu. 


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