Film / Theatre

Since opening in 1997, we have always wanted to venture into film/theatre but big then the dream was to establish our foundation first with dance and music as the anchor of our existence then add other performing arts departments.

In January 2021,a new department lead by the renowned Zimbabwe based actress; Chido Jo Anne Tenga was established in the midst of the second wave of the pandemic.

Our first project is as part of the Dance in Mind campaign namely; NDAREMERWA (Drama series) (which means I am burdened)

Drug abuse has always been a cause of concern especially among younger generations whose futures are potentially threatened by their consumption of some of the harmful substances people abuse for recreational purposes. At one point, nearly a decade ago, the consumption of drugs was generally ill regarded by society; the elderly and the youth alike, hence drug abuse was not as rampant as today and the availability of drugs was limited to gateway substances such as alcohol, cigarettes and in very rare cases marijuana, considering that our older brothers (and sisters) had never come across marijuana until their late teens and early 20s. So what then has changed? How has drug abuse become a societal norm? Well there’s a whole plethora of reasons including the usual suspect; peer pressure and more individual reasons such as upbringing.

However most youths have accepted drugs because of the simple fact that almost everyone we look up to has accepted drugs too. Substance abuse has been incorporated into popular culture and has become part of what is defined as ‘cool’ by young people.AND with the global pandemic lockdowns,one would imagine what these youth are indudling in!!

We never stop improving, and will continue to expand our offerings based on how we can best serve the Zimbabwe & Norwegian minority communities. 



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Chido Jo Anne Tenga

Director/Madam Boss in the series


Takunda Aron Chimutashu

Ass.Director/Camera man


Robert Tinotenda January

Movement Director / Simba in the series