Welcome to Tumbuka

​Tumbuka Dance Company is one of Zimbabwe’s leading contemporary dance companies. It was founded from the first class of Dance Foundation Course which started as a 10-week pilot project led by Chris and Vivienne Hamblin. The Pilot project was initiated in 1989 followed by the 3-year course which saw the establishment of Tumbuka Dance Company in 1992. kuTumbuka is a Shona word which means ‘to flower or bloom’.

​In 2021, Dance Trust of Zimbabwe who are the custodians of brand Tumbuka Dance Company and Simba Arts a leading ubuntu driven performing arts organisation based in Norway & Zimbabwe agreed to revive the Dance Company, with the efforts to elevate the company to an internationally renowned status and inspire new audiences for Contemporary Dance through: Development of New Work, Touring and Exposing New Audiences in Schools and Communities.

​The company has recently held a nation audition on the 02. Sep,2022 and on 18 dancers/performing arts creatives were chosen out of a pool of 80 applicants. The selected 18 dance are now on probation period as the company continues the search for only 8 multi/talented creative at the moment.

​The probation is from Sep-Dec,2022. From January 2023 we hope to have find our finest 6 creatives dubbed the new voices.

Tumbuka Dance is no longer a traditional dance company but an ever-shifting group of incredible artists – dancers, designers, composers and visual artists – who Simba Arts and partners assembles for specific performance projects.

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