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Nsai Dansesenter

On the 18th January 2021, Simba Arts was granted permission by the Fulukia family elders to turn our grandparent’s house into a community recreational center for Arts & Entrepreneurship.

Nsai was and is  late (Nsai Fulukia, our grandmother).She was the first dancer we saw perform, she was a fierce community leader & role model to honour.She lives in all of us Fulukians/Mbare it is only befitting we name the home were it all began after her so that her legacy will live on and dance will be respected + promoted as a profession in Mbare, Zimbabwe.

This dance center is still under construction. When completed in 2027, it will be the first of its kind  in Mbare; one of the oldest suburbs in Zimbabwe, situated in the capital city Harare.

The dance center sits on a private building owned by the Fulukia family who are the custodians & Trustees of Simba Arts.

Movement Foundation Training (MoFoT)

Is a community Dance Training Program that provides high-quality in-school and after-school free education in social studies, dance, performing arts, Norwegian & English language classes to dance, performing arts enthusiasts from pre-school through high school, at no cost.

Along with the benefits of dance, such as discipline, focus, and physical awareness, MoFoT! provides a safe haven to build positive friendships in a goal oriented-environment that encourages youth achievement outcomes. MoFoT opprates at Mbare’s first professional high density dance studio; Nsai Dansesenter in Mbare, Township. 

At MoFoT their are no grades, no rigid curriculum and no exams. We happen to believe that you learn better without this kind of pressure. 

MoFoT, students will get to practice what they learn, not merely immerse themselves in its theory. 

Their Supervised and encouraged by dedicated teachers, in small classes, generally consisting of only  15 - 30 students. The teachers are Danseteater of Mosi Oa Tunya's members and a number of guests who routates on a paid and volunteers basis from the world pool of academics, dance / performing Arts creative industry.

Upon graduation students will serve in Simba Λrts as apprentices and will have privileges to work both the Vest Zimbabwean based Danseteater of Mosi Oa Tunya and Vestland Danseteater for 3years before their left loose into the pool of dance & performing Arts world.

Whilst in Norway the students will use this time to attend international Auditions & culture exchange activities on an eye to eye level with the people of Bergen.