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Danseteater of Mosi Oa Tunya is a New Zimbabwe first largest contemporary dance company owned by Simba Arts.The company was born out of a succsseful cultural exchange residency which took place from 2018 - 2020 in Harare, Zimbabwe & Bergen, Norway. 

The aim was to learn, explore and find Solutions to revamp the struggling Contemporary Dance arts industry of Zimbabwe.

The project was supported by the Ministry of Tourism,Zimbabwe in the courtesy of Bergen Afro Arts Festival (now UnX). The results of the three month residency was presented as #GreatZimbabwe. 

The company was introduced to the public on the 09.12.2020, the same date the President of Zimbabwe officially conferred city status on Victoria Falls, making the country’s Tourism capital the first city in Matebeleland North Province.The official launch of the company will happen during the Simba Arts' 30th Anniversary in 2027.

While we are eagerly awaiting to move to our home in Victoria Falls city and the reopening of society, we are running our daily business operations under strict restrictions in Mbare Township at Nsai Dansesenter, the headquaters of Simba Arts as of 21.01.2021.

The company this year also features a number of online performances—some of which are available to view free of charge for a limited period upon registration, while others will be streamed live, with artists from across the Mbare Township connecting with audiences through our online performance platform.

When officially launched the company wishes to employ 30 - 60 professional Performing Artists in particular dansers aged 35 and below. There will be a World class Dance audition to be held in The City of Victoria Falls open to all performing Artists from SADC region in particular Zimbabwe.

The classes and jury of the audition will be led by Vestland Danseteater,

 a company sister company based in Bergen Norway.



Co-Founder, Dancer, Choreographer, Artistic Director at Danseteater of Mosi Oa Tunya and Simba Arts' head of dance in Zimbabwe.

Born and raised in Mbare Township in Harare,Zimbabwe.Robert joined Simba Arts when he was 7years old (in 1997) and he has never looked back ever since.He holds a full-time 3year dance arts certificate from Dance Foundation Course of Dance Trust of Zimbabwe. Between 2009 -2011 & Upon graduation Robert worked with Tumbuka Dance company before migrating to Capetown South Africa were he worked with Ikapa Dance Theater in 2012 (8months period). In 2013,Robert  co-founded and was  Ass.Director, choreographer and coordinator of Ubuntu Dance Theatre based at family youth centre  in Mitchell’s  Plain, Tafelsig  intergrating  different  

communities around Western Cape including  Samora Machel, Heinz park, Marcus Garvey, Phillipi and Tafelsig  helping young people to acquire a better understanding  about themselves  through engaging them using powerful tools in music , dance and theatre on daily basis.

In 2018,Robert returned back to Zimbabwe to join the #GreatZimbabwe Ensemble which bacame; Danseteater of Mosi Oa Tunya on 09.December 2020. In the same year of 2020 he was a founding member of Vestland Danseteater a Bergen city based contemporary dance theater company.Robert is also the Dance co-odinator at Simba Arts in Zimbabwe and a Dance Teacher at Nsai Dansesenter in Mbare Township.



Co-Founder, Dancer, Choreographer, Administration at Danseteater of Mosi Oa Tunya

Caroline Tedi is the Administrator at Danseteater of Mosi Oa Tunya based in Victoria Falls, North  Matebeleland. She graduated from Dance Foundation Course of National Ballet of Zimbabwe in 2005.Upon graduation she joined Tumbuka Dance Company and later awarded a scholarship to further study dance at Oslo National Academy of Arts in Norway.She became the first Zimbabwe girl child on an dance culture exchange program which was male dominated.She graduated in 2010 and moved to Bergen,Norway were she hails from and continue to be an active member of the dance arts scene.Caroline have worked as a dance teacher at Bergen & Stord kulturskole. As a full-time member of Simba Arts Norway she is the Adminstrator, co-founder of Bergen Afro Arts Festival and co-member of the first first all immgrant dance company in the west coast of Norway namely; Vestland Danseteater.

In 2021, she will become the first African/person of color to be given an opportunity to create in the Bergen/vestland region's history of dance.Her together with Simbarashe Norman Fulukia will co-create "Stains & Platter" on 6 Bergen, Vestland's based dancers.

To end, Caroline is the co-Founder, Adminstrator of Danseteater of Mosi Oa Tunya a Victoria Falls first  iNf9t flo based dance company.



Chief Technical Director, Tour & Stage Manager

My name is Tendai Zuze Fulukia, I am an artivist. I am the co-founder at Simba Arts Trust in Zimbabwe and artistic director for Tenrocs Media based in Hatcliffe.Our organization works with at risk, unengaged and out of school youths using creative, physical and performing arts as tools for communication for social change. I have been in the arts and culture industry for 24years (1997-present)



Co-founder, Creative & Managing Director, Dancer & Creator (choreographer)

My background is from Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo (Oslo National Academy of Arts) and Carte Blanche, The Norwegian National Contemporary Dance Company based in Bergen. I am a highly skilled Dancer/ performing artist, Social worker, entrepenuer, curator, /Ubuntu cultural creator/ambassador, workshop facilitator and very articulate, having worked across the board with children, teens, disadvantaged youth and adults. Confident creator, leader and hard worker in any field of situation I might be. My interest investigates the relationship between infinite movements and rhythms as created by the most high using “Utche” a Traditional Dance of the Sena Tribe from Nsanje in Northern Malawi & boader Mozambique.