Driven by passion, efforts to increase high Quality, innovative, diverse dance art and culture within Norwegian dance, arts and culture. The idea/concept of NordSør Dansvan is by KHIO BA Modern danse graduate, professional Danser, ex-Stord kulturskole Dance teacher, now a student of intercultural studies at NLA (university college) in Bergen (2018 - 2021) &  Simbarashe Norman Fulukia (Simba); ex-Carte Blanche dancer.


NordSør Dansvan

UnLimited taste of dance art and culture.

NordSør Dansvan is a well equipped mobile dance studio with state of the art facility that transfoms into an outdoor giant stage, revealing attractive live outdoor dance/performing arts shows, toured with a hanger to any desired location, it can be Assembled again. Around 15 people can dance/train inside the air-conditioned, fire-proof and weather-proof world class mobile dance studio to enjoy unlimited dance art and culture.

NordSør Dansvan consisits of the programmes below;

NordSør Interactive Festival of Dance (NordSør-Fest)

A new dance Festival in Bergen, Vestland

Since national boundaries have over time restricted the cross fertilisation and dialogue of dance and bodily movement expressions, this trans-border festival hopes to open up this creative space to explore much needed exchange and dialogue between dansers in the North and South regions (NordSør). 

The NordSør-Fest will be the first annual dance unlimited multinational festival dedicated solely to unlimited dance, sitting alongside the other festivals in the North/South which are dedicated to the Music, theatre, visual arts and film.

The festival will present a diverse and dynamic roster of high Quality  local and  international dance through a three day of endlessly enriching workshops, in various communities, exhibitions and performances.

Coming soon!

NordSør DanseKAMP

Dance UnLimited

The plan is to open pathways for Bergen, Vestland professional dancers, movers, performers and audience which never had the fully opportunity to experience the diverse power of unlimted dance arts and cultures  from Northern/Southern (NordSør) regions

Through NordSør DanseUnLimited we will offer 5hour intimate intensive sessions for a period of 14 days at Fana kulturhus & NordSør Dansvan with the reonwed, Young and coming up Northern/Southern (NordSør) dance legends, youtube stars and top international choreographers for an affordable fee for dancers, movers, performers.

In addition, in the end of each workshop/residency will organize performances aimed at children, young people and ordinary people to be presented at Fana kulturhus & Torgallmeningen, other open air spaces and using NordSør Dansevan as the mobile stage.

The DanseKAMP will look like this;

  1. Summer - Young and coming up choreographers/Youtube stars

  2. Autumn / Northern roewned choreographers 

  3. Winter - Meet VDT dansers 

  4. Spring - Southern roewned choreographers 

NordSør Wear

Strength & oneness in numbers

NordSør Wear is a division engaged in preserving the identity of the company through  design, development, manufacturing, and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services.
Coming Soon!

Vestland Danseteater (VDT)

Delivering world-class dance performance that can foster community, positive mindsets, vibrant health.

Vestland Danseteater  is a newly innovative and the first Afro contemporary dance company of disabled and non-disabled dancers based in Bergen,Vestland.

Given our social and cultural experiences, We would like to become a central voice in Bergen to encourage dis/abled young people/artists to unleash their creative potential.

VDT 's mission is to create, produce, tour high quality, innovative dance productions and increase diversity within Nowegian art and culture of dance. The company will particularly excel in performances of works from the Afro artistic movement, particularly urban and contemporary dances. VDT will endeavor multidisciplinary collaborations with influential dance makers ,various artists: visual artists, musicians, designers, directors and composers. 

Artistic Vision

Our vision is to create space to improve, rethink, restructure, reinvente our "small" (but also big) Norwegian dance society.

Premiere of the company's first production will be at Afro Arts Festivalen i Bergen (BAAF)

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