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Ubuntu Vybz Festival

Ubuntu Vybz Festival (Ubuntu Vybz Fest)

The two annual festivals; Bergen Afro Arts Festival-BAAF in Norway & Mbare Edutainment Festival in Zimbabwe were merged into one under the name Ubuntu Vybz Festival (Ubuntu Vybz Fest). The Festival will run under the theme Unlimited Xpreshenz (UnX).

Ubuntu Fest is an artist-driven platform created by Simba Arts to celebrate cultural diversity and offer a voice to minority populations in global North & South in particular in Bergen, Mbare, Hatcliffe & Victoria Falls City.

This ethno-arts festival seeks to mobilize and engage people of different nationalities in positive social actions through popular culture. It uses the energy and power of dance and music to bring about social transformation and development. Through this initiative, communities and young people are encouraged to be pluri-versatile, embracing and celebrating diversity in its different forms.

"Ubuntu Vybz Fest” is not just an ordinary neither is it a commercial festival to entertain people, rather it is a way of life and a place to explore unlimited ubuntu culture at first hand from around the Diaspora & straight out from Africa".- Simba (The Chief Creative Officer & Curator/co-Founder)

The festival’s ongoing theme is dubbed Unlimited Xpreshenz (UnX). UnX is a symbolic chosen abbreviation because it serves as a reminder of our desire to reach and stay at the Zenith of what we do. The letter  “X” also represent our rejection of “limited” society’s way of being, we just want to live life to the fullest without being boxed.

Our vision for (Ubuntu Vybz Festival) Ubuntu Vybz Fest  is to become a marker yearly ubuntu &  artistic driven platform, a family event that's looked forward to for months in advance. A fresh discovery of opportunity and escapism, a chance to connect with like minded individuals and to celebrate community, nature and harmony.



For 2021 the festival took a break to re-brand!It will return in 2022