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Membership terms 

Here are the terms for how you can use the good membership benefits you have in Simba Λrts 

1. Terms of use and proof

 1.1.  General Access to the membership benefits requires that you have a membership in Simba Λrts 

The access applies to you as a private person.  If necessary, the suppliers of membership benefits can check with Simba Λrts that you are a member with us.  

1.2.  Validity of the membership terms

 These membership terms apply from the time you became a member.  Changes are notified by logging in to My SiΛ on where you will find everything about your membership.  

1.3.  Deactivation of the membership

 If your membership is terminated, all your personal information will be deleted, as long as we are not required by law to keep it.  Purchase history is anonymized and only used for statistics.  

1.4 Member benefits Because we are many members of Simba Λrts ,we get good agreements on goods and services.  The overview of all the agreements and those who offer these can be found on My SiΛ

, via

To be able to use all these membership benefits, you must have access to your membership certificate and membership information which you will find on My SiΛ

Membership benefits are reserved for paying members over 18 years of age.  For privacy reasons, you as a parent can not take advantage of the membership benefits for members under 18 years of age. If you end your membership in Simba Λrts, your opportunities to take advantage of the membership benefits will automatically end.  

1.5 Login and user of My SiΛ

My SiΛ is your personal user login to Simba Λrts 'services.  For privacy reasons, you can not use My SiΛ on behalf of the opportunity to create a My SiΛ user before they turn 18 years old.  other than yourself.  In the case of members under the age of 18, 

1.6 Force Majeure Should a situation arise which Simba Λrts cannot reasonably avoid the consequences of, and which prevents us from fulfilling our membership obligations under this agreement, Simba Λrts 'obligations cease as long as the extraordinary situation  goods.  

1.7 Change of membership terms

 The membership terms can be changed.  Such changes will be communicated in 

  My SiΛ and in our relevant communication channels.  If you do not agree to the change in the terms, you can deactivate your membership.

2. Privacy 

2.1.  General We take your privacy seriously!  Your personal information will be processed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.  

2.2. Data controller  

Simba Λrts is the data controller for member information. 

 2.3. Your duties to secure your personal information Your username and password are personal and must not be given to others.  

2.4.  Change of address You are obliged to report a change of name, address and other information given in your profile on My SiΛ

or by writing to us in  Simba Λrts

Our communication with you

 3.1.  Introduction We need to process personal information about you in order to manage your membership.  

3.2.  Information and changes 

Because you are a   Simba Λrts member, we want to send you information by e-mail, telephone, SMS,WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or with notification on My SiΛ

If you do not want to receive information in these channels, you can of course change your preferences at any time by logging in to   Simba Λrts.

3.3.  Information and membership benefits You will receive information about the membership and membership benefits from us and our selected partners.  We use e-mail, telephone, WhatsApp, SMS and notification on My  Simba Λrts. You can choose which channel we can contact you on, and change it if necessary.  

Information you register, as well as purchase information from the partners, can be used to convey offers and information to you.   Simba Λrts can share your contact information with our partners, with the intention of giving you information about good offers on membership benefits, if you have agreed to this.  You can change or withdraw your consent at any time.  

4. Other 

4.1.  Liability Simba Λrts has no liability for breaches by our partners.  

4.2.  Contact 

We would like to hear from you!  

All inquiries regarding your membership can be directed to our cheerful staff in Simba Λrts

Become a Member of Simba Λrts


It costs to subscribe and click the notifications button on our social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Tweeter, Facebook, website, - to sign up.  


It costs NOK300/$30 - PLUS subscription and click the notifications button on our social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Tweeter, Facebook, website, - to sign up.  

If you are under 18 years old, registration costs a subscription to our website until you turn 18 years old.

Benefit from being in a Movement 

 As a member of Simba Λrts, you are at the front of the queue for unlimited use of resources, entertainment/sports tickets, recording Studio, equipment rentals, or any other services Simba Λrts offers. 

 A membership in Simba Λrts is a smart investment!

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