Simba Arts Trust in Zimbabwe

The Trust was formally registered as a Zimbabwean Public Trust in 2016 (reg. no365/16). Its name, Simba, is a Shona word from the Bantu people of Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa, which translates as strength. The Trust is  a dynamic, community-oriented international rural arts development organisation which draws from its name, its ethos and values of strength and oneness in numbers. 

Our aim is to get youth off the streets/couches and into a environment where they can learn, grow and achieve manageable goals guided by the values of Ubuntu/Umunhu. Working in collaboration with several other NGOs to ensure reaching all target groups of youth to introduce them to the projects which include: HIV/AIDS awareness, substance abuse, life skills, recycling, nutrition and other relevant youth issues.

Our motto is to reclaim HUMANITY/UBUNTU - ENHANCE, INSPIRE, ENGAGE, CONNECT, RAISE AWARENESS ,GATHER, EDUCATE with Respect, Attitude and Discipline.


Tel: +263 773 73 73 41


Me!Fest Klacha Xpo

Mbare Edutainment Festival and 
Murehwa Edutainment Festival

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Unique Eagles (Seniors)
Unique Eagles United (juniors)

A sports program


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+47 968 26 995 / +263 773 73 73 41

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Bergen, Norway

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