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Simba Arts Trust (SiMbA aRts) was informally started in 1997, in the surbab of Mbare, in Harare, Zimbabwe. It was created to empower young people to find and create jobs out of art, and ultimately ensure that art contributes to economic and community development.The Trust was formally registered as a Zimbabwean Public Trust in 2016 (reg. no365/16). Its name, Simba, is a Shona word from the Bantu people of Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa, which translates as strength. The Trust is  a dynamic, community-oriented international rural arts development organisation which draws from its name, its ethos and values of strength and oneness in numbers. 

Our aim is to get youth off the streets/couches and into a environment where they can learn, grow and achieve manageable goals guided by the values of Ubuntu/Umunhu. Working in collaboration with several other NGOs to ensure reaching all target groups of youth to introduce them to the projects which include: HIV/AIDS awareness, substance abuse, life skills, recycling, nutrition and other relevant youth issues.

Our motto is to reclaim HUMANITY/UBUNTU - ENHANCE, INSPIRE, ENGAGE, CONNECT, RAISE AWARENESS ,GATHER, EDUCATE with Respect, Attitude and Discipline.


Tel: +263 773 73 73 41


Me!Fest Klacha Xpo

Mbare Edutainment Festival and 
Murehwa Edutainment Festival

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Unique Eagles (Seniors)
Unique Eagles United (juniors)

A sports program


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