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Come and experience dance arts. Meet our local dansers /musicians. Additional you learn the historical background of the Southern/ Afro folk,contemporary dance movements,music and its rhythms. Every dance and music tells its story.

Offers: We will organize your journey according to your wish and duration of stay. You can also travel by yourself and join us in Zimbabwe.

Accommodation & Food: Free of charge.

Dance & Music group workshop :                           300 USD/week.

Only One workshop per group:                               200 USD/week.

Only One workshop per person:                               50 USD/week.

The money raised during Simba Holiday goes direct to support the Simba Arts Trust activities on African soil most presently in Mbare Township,Zimbabwe.❤️Help us help ourselves by investing direct into the Communities.

ONE PERSON's VISIT CAN PAY FOR annual school fees for one pupil/monthly salary for one dance & music co-odinator .

A GROUP OF 10's VISIT CAN PAY FOR annual school fees for 20pupils/20 monthly salaries for twenty dance & music co-odinators.

This year 2020 workshop: starts 13th December - 7th January 2020 in Mbare, the oldest/biggest Township of Zimbabwe & @ Simba Arts Trust Kalcha Senter in Mrehwa.

Workshops are available at any time you plan to travel to Zimbabwe.

Please contact us for arrangements.

Our guesthouse gives you chances to meet families and you can experience the daily life activities in Zimbabwe, either in town or in village.

If you want to visit the local places, festivals or if you want to travel in Zimbabwe, we can organize it for you according to your wish with a trained guider.

Our moto for all the workshop and the travelling is: no stress - no panic guided by UBUNTU/UMUNHU we work in a team, join us and and improve your talent and creativity.

Top Attractions in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a colourful country endowed with so much natural beauty in its landscapes, plants and wildlife. With a variety of beautiful places of interest offering unique experiences. Zimbabwe also has some highly acclaimed cultural and historical monuments. These recreational sites or resorts are popular destinations for many. Here is our List of Top attractions in Zimbabwe.


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