Unlimited Xpreshenz

As Simba Arts we run multiple cultural and artistic activities, namely, contemporary dance, ethno-music, traditional dances, arts and crafts, fitness classes and community Festivals. 

For 7 years we have ran a successful 7 Day annual Afro Arts festival namely Bergen Afro Arts Festival. However, In 2020 after the 7th edition we chose to rebrand to become Unlimited Xpressionz (UnX),a monthly series of international multifaceted event celebrating ubuntu and offering a voice to minority populations in Bergen, Norway.

UnX is a symbolic chosen abbreviation because it serves as a reminder of our desire to reach and stay at the Zenith of what we do. The letter  “X” also represent our rejection of “limited” society’s way of being, we just want to live life to the fullest without being boxed.

On this day celebrations are held; school children take part, eminent speakers, dancer  and great musicians are invited with the sound of music and a festive atmosphere filling the air. 

Our vision for UnlimiTed Xpreshenz (UnX) is to become a marker monthly ubuntu &  artistic driven platform, a family event that's looked forward to for weekend in advance. A fresh discovery of opportunity and escapism, a chance to connect with like minded individuals and to celebrate community, nature and harmony.



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Bergen, Norway

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